Why I am still saving my junk mail

I am a little kitschy, and wouldn’t necessarily say I am always tasteful and stylish. Oh, and I am SO not a designer. So it is cool to see that the smarties at design*sponge think like me sometimes – they posted an inside out envelope tutorial too. I can’t resist pointing out that I did it a month earler :)

After I posted my inside-out-envelope tutorial, some back linking led me to the Junk Mail Gems blog. Wow! Gretchen is a master re-purposer with a shop filled with awesome recycled projects.
Security envelope paper beads at Junk Mail Gems

So with security envelopes still on the brain, and a giant pile growing on my desk, I used some to decorate some 3×5 recipe cards. I used a few round hole punches to add some accents.

Nice nice nice. It is the greatest free paper around. I even used some to make product tags for my fibery goods in prep for the upcoming Color Fiber Festival. (Can you tell that I am trying to link to the festival in every post… Is it obvious?)

Get more security envelope inspiration from the Flickr Security Pattern Group.

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