Christmas Craft Marathon

Just like last year I am planning to fill my Christmas break with wall to wall craft time. Last year was a huge success that culminated in the addition of the owl embroidery floss organizer to my product line. I have several projects up my sleeve and was hoping that you would help me prioritize them.

Projects I am considering:

  • Latch Hook rug Vintage. New in Package. And I already have the tool!
    Mushroom latch hook rug kit
  • Punch Needle embroidery: I purchased PlanetJune’s punch needle embroidery e-book and Moon pattern ages ago. I finally found a punch needle, so I’d like to give it a try.
  • Crochet blanket I want to add a least a few hexagons to this languishing crochet project.
  • Spinning My apartment is full of fiber. I would like to convert some of it into yarn.
    Pigeonroof fiber
  • Wee knitting
    • Boot toppers
    • Acorns and tinier acorns
    • Hedgehogs: This one is the cutest but I already have the pattern for this one
  • Needlework pattern Just like last year I still have some vintage crewel patterns that I would like to stitch up. Now I also have an Amy Sedaris cross stitch pattern (from Lauren at Sweet-meats) and a few recently procured Japanese cross stitch patterns to try out.
  • Marshmallows I like to make homemade marshmallows. Last year I experimented with some homemade marshmallows with bourbon in them, and I would like to perfect the recipe this year.

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