Wait, when is Christmas?

Oh, just around the corner. Well crap. It snuck up on me. I have been so buy with work lately that I haven’t had a crafty moment to spare. A major deadline passes at the end of this week, and I have already started thinking about what I will do when I take the week of Christmas off to craft.

Some things I want to do…

  • Make hard tack candy – I love clove candy canes and I can’t find them anywhere out here. I used to make hard tak candy all the time, and this year I am really jonesing for some cinnamon and clove. (Separate, not mixed together).
  • Make a tiny japanese santa Found via Mochimochiland. Hmmm… the link seems to have disappeared now, but I downloaded a free cute santa pattern (yes, I said cute santa) from the website of designer Gera, but it is gone now…. Sorry I can’t share!
  • Work on a vintage crewel pattern How I acquired these is a story for another day. Let’s just say I have several vintage crewel patterns new in the package that I have been dying to try.

  • Spin some fiber It is taking over my apartment and must at least be tamed into yarn.

  • Major gocco project – top secret. Involves so much work it doesn’t really sound fun right now.
  • Take a trip to the East Bay Depot This would likely be counterproductive as I would probably end up with more material or partially completed craft projects, but I haven’t been in so long and I wonder what they have.

Not that I promise to stick to your suggestion… but I might! I can’t decide where to start. What do you think?

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