So my posts here have practically come to a standstill. I am busy at work and when I do have crafty time, it has been mostly spent generating moustaches. Why the sudden stockpiling of ‘staches? Because I will be selling my wares at the San Francisco Bazaar Bizarre on December 15th.

SF Baz Biz Banner

Hooray! I am very excited about it. It has allowed me to fulfill a long-time (and now outdated) goal of owning a manual credit card processor. I like to call them ka-chunkers. I will probably be the only person there more excited about accepting credit cards instead of cash.

I am hopeful that I will get to meet a lot of crafters and possible SF-area blog readers. I bought a little book, and hope to have my readers/online friends sign it (idea totally stolen from jekbot – she was doing this at Felt Club). To entice you to introduce yourself, I am willing to bribe my readers with special moustache buttons… All you have to do is introduce yourself :) Also, if you want anything, i can bring it there for pick-up.

And as if selling stuff isn’t enough, I will doing a demo on Weavettes from 4:30-5. You can stop by and see why I think these little looms are so fun.

I have some new items that are pretty darn cute. If you don’t have the dough for them, you can now convince your paypal-saavy loved ones to buy you a gift certificate.

More alphabet stitch markers for knitting along with cat bordhi’s books. This set is for those that knit two socks at once!

And for the ‘stache lovers I have the only ‘stache for the holidays – Santa. Get the big man’s moustache on buttons, cards, or gift tags

I also have a batch of pocket mirrors with gocco printed storage bags. I am kinda hoarding these for the Bazaar, so if you want one, you might have to ask :)

Happy shopping! And more importantly, please say ‘Hi’ if you see me at the Bazaar. I promise I won’t make you buy anything.

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