Short attention span post

Have I mentioned that our friend, Cheryl , is published in Knit Lit 3? It’s true. she is a

On the knitting front, I have been busy working on the Rogue. The photo I took of my progress is now outdated so i will have to take a new one…. the cardigan-ization prevents the knitting from being totally mindless so i end up doing a kinda sloppy job. but we all
know i am not in it for perfection.
Have you been over to split yarn? This is one crafty chick. She sewed a messenger bag that i just had to have, so i copied off of her. It is an Amy Butler pattern (i bought mine on ebay). I was so inspired that I even added interfacing for support, and a slew of pockets on the inside. I already have re-design ideas floating around… like totally changing the top flap and handles, making the strap adjustable, and adding a zippered pocket on the inside.



inside – complete with added cellphone pocket at the top of the bag.

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