A little knitting, with gravy.

I worked enough today to reward myself with a little knitting. Both of the Central Park Hoodie sleeves are underway.

I know you are wondering about the bright pink post-it in the corner of the picture…

It is my crazy notes on how many rows and increases remain. The eagle-eyed might also notice that for some reason I have indicated the time to increase with the letter d. Makes sense to me for some reason….

edit: I have been get a lot of inquiries about the yarn. It is Araucania Nature wool Chunky in color #129

A while ago CraftyGinger tagged me for a meme, and it is about time I participated:

Here’s how it goes – once you’re tagged write a short blog post about your favorite word, and what makes it your favorite. Of course you can have more than one! Be as long-winded as you like! Just make sure to copy & paste this text into your post, and tag four friends!

CraftyGinger chose a repectable word: luminous. Ever since I was tagged for this challenge a few weeks ago I have had the same word in my head. I tried to pick something literary, serious, insightful or at least descriptive, but I just keep coming back to the same word. Gravy.

Why would I claim that my favorite word is gravy?

  • I like gravy. It is delicious. It is the dinner equivalent of the ever-famous dessert mainstay – icing.
  • I am good at making gravy, and I make a lot of it. Ask anyone that has had Thanksgiving dinner with me. My grandma has had me in training my whole lfe
  • I think everyone might like gravy. I have never heard someone say “I’ll have the chicken-fried steak, but hold the gravy.” But I am from Ohio. I actually don’t think I have heard anyone other than myself say “I’ll have the chicken-fried steak” since I moved to California. But that is not the point.
  • I have absolutely no bad connotations or associations with gravy… Me and gravy = good times
  • It makes an excellent pet name and currently holds the top spot and my most-likely-next-pet-name. Give it a try. “Graaaavvvyyy… Come here you little cutie!” Totally works.
  • It can hold its own as a word… When used a slang, it means good. No one ever clenches their fists and shakes them at the sky wailing “Gravy!!” Instead it is only used when someone is pleased and smugly declares “gravy.”

So what is your favorite word? I am sending tags out to some of my commenters: 5thelementknitr, Amber, Kimchi, and Chris. but, of course if you don’t want to participate (sometimes memes stress me out) no hard feelings, let me know and I’ll tag differently :).

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