At least it is a vest!

I have progressed far enough on my Rogue that is a wearable object, though not complete.Here she is, curly bottom and all….

I have also made significant progress on the sleeves. I am doing two at once and I am about half finished with them. As a treat to myself for finishing the main body, i wound up some handpainted yarn that i bought for my next cardigan.

It is 100% wool and is not quite the color combo was expecting – the lightest parts are very green colored, which is tough to capture in a picture. It wasn’t captured in the photo on the webpage when I ordered the yarn, so i was surprised by the color, but it is growing on me. i have also started thinking about Christmas knitting. Okay, i know it is a little late. I have basically a month- but i think I can do it! I really just want to make two scarves and a vest. I am planning to use bulky yarn for all of them. The vest will be from the same pattern that I used before , but I might try to modify it to be done mostly in the round, and with a different collar. I am going to use the bulky weight wool/alpace blend from Knitpicks, Sierra. To make the scarves luxurious, I want to use Panache from Knitpicks. It
a bulky weight blend of 40% Baby Alpaca, 20% Cashmere, 20% Silk, 20% Extrafine Merino. I can only imagine how soft that will be. Now I am going to start perusing my Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns for a suitable texture… Oh yeah, and I better order the yarn.

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