Christmas scarf mania

While playing hookey on Friday afternoon, my
friend and I went down to article pract for a yarn fix. I picked up two ballsof GGH Amelie to make a scarf, and it was done by saturday afternoon.

This yarn is so super-soft. As with all of the
scarves that i make, it is a little too wide, and a little too short, but i
still like it. I used the drop-stitch scarf pattern from Stitch-N-BitchNation.

I also started a lacy
scarf out of some mohair that i bought at lambtown USA. I am using what i
believe is called “the old shale” pattern. I got it in a free berroco pattern.

Wow! it is so photogenic! It is a little slow
going, but i am enjoying it.

I have
also made a little progress on a felted tote for my mom – i started knitting the
bottom. I am progressing slowly, because i know that I don’t have appropriate
needles to use for the sides of the bag. i need size 13 circular needles.
Though I have a ton of straight needles, i really don’t have many circs. Seems
to me that i should order a set of Denise Needles for myself and never have to buy
a circular needle again…. that’s a good plan, right?

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