Domino Knitting

While I was at Stitches West, I saw some sample pieces with a really cool
pattern of concentric squares. Most of them were knit in hand-dyed variegated
yarn which really made the pattern look even better. I asked the ladies at the
booth if they had any patterns available, but i was told that I could only get
the pattern if i bought i bought a kit to make this totally second-grade-teacher
style vest. So i left defeated.

Then browsing around Barnes and
Noble last week I came across a book on Domino Knitting that was exactly what I was
looking for. That very evening, I knit up these:

It’s a pretty cool technique. you start working the outer edge (first purple row, for example) and continue in garter stitch. In every other row, there is a double decrease in the center stitches which make the piece gradually pinch up into a
square. Fun, fun!! I tried the orange/purple swatch to get the hang of changing colors, and also to try attaching the two pieces together. instead of casting on for the second square, you just pick up stitches on the edge of first

I would like to make a scarf sometime that is from pieced
together squares made in a nice variegated wool.

Update: I just made a free pattern using this technique.

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