Bounty from the Godforsaken island

Last weekend I went to what is technically called an ‘Antiques Sale’ at the Naval base in alameda*. After arriving i realized that this was the event casually referred to by some as the ‘Alameda Flea Market.’ It takes place the first weekend of the month at the old naval base in alameda (you know, the place where the mythbusters go to make a big mess…). For anyone that had to spend 10 hours touring the decommissioned USS hornet with their Dad, it’s right by there. It has a really nice view of san francisco (crappy photo here… And some really great bargains. Here is my less than $20 (including $5 admission) haul:

Loot from the flea market

I was planning to give the bowling ball bag (which is in SUPER shape) to a bowler i know that needs one, but i talked him out of it, so i get to keep it! The fabric was labelled as ‘vintage’ but I am not so sure; it is immaculately clean and has no fading. Got a bunch of knitting needles in US 1, 2, and 3s that are only 7 inches long. These are hard to find in general, and i would hate to pay for new ones. I also got a bunch of buttons in ziploc bags which i promptly transferred to a mason jar. Based on my garage sale and thrifting experience, the most desirable resting place for buttons must be a jar.

*Often referred to by me as “the godforsaken island” though i am not sure why I started doing this. i have always known it is nice there. i guess i like to remind myself that it is an island. weird.

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