Have I mentioned that I still go to knitting circle?

The tuesday night knitting circle at the Mel-O-Dee continues on… If you are in El Cerrito at 8 pm, stop by. Tuesday we talked about a lot of interesting things:

  • A new knitter! Debbie did some successful recruiting at the Berkeley Knit in Public event.
  • The cute little garter stitch kitty. It looks so good in leftover sock yarn
  • we didn’t really talk about it, but I noticed that one of my fellow knitting circle members has her eye on a really cute pattern. Top down all the way, i say!
  • Abby’s sock knitting tragedy which I feel partially responsible for… She has bounced back though. I saw her knitting a pair of baby socks just the other day.

Things i should have talked about

  • Tepache– Apparently this is a fermented drink made from pineapple.. And you can make it yourself. At least the Crochet Dude did . Has anyone tried this? Is it good? This reminds of the Kombucha Tea that I read about on Flawed Maude.
  • A fellow knitter reports that Emmet Otter is in the Smithsonian. I believe that I am one of the only people in the world that does not like Emmet and his poor little muppet family. I have seen too much of their feet that don’t really touch the ground or support any of their weight (=freaky).

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