A newly discovered benefit of having no roomates

Check this out!

I can fill my bathtub with yarn, and not have to
worry about preventing anyone but myself from taking a shower! This weekend I
did a tiny bit of experimenting with the soy silk that i bought almost a year

The first is a two-ply yarn. One ply
is wool, and the other is soy silk. The second is a single ply that has the soy
silk “blended” in with the wool. I tried to card the wool and the silk together
and it kinda worked, but the silk is so fine that it never wanted to leave the
card. It came out kinda marbled, and I like it. I dyed the yarns together in
my crockpot with red and orange, and I am really happy with the way they turned
out. the soy silk took a little bit of the color, but not much. I don’t think
there is enough of either of these for me to want to keep them, so i stuck them
in my etsy
where you can buy them, or check more (and bigger) photos if you

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