What’s Cooking?

it’s some roving!! This summer at the El Cerrito city wide garage sale i picked
up a crock pot for $1 in anticipation of using it for a dye pot – and today was
the day! I was so sick at looking at sheep-colored yarn, so this weekend i
picked up some gray, brown and black dyes. Before i put this roving in, I dyed
some yarn that i had spun

Man, I really like it. I am interested to
compare the dyed yarn with yarn made from dyed

I also kool-aid dyed some of
the first “yarn” that I made, and i think i might make a hat out of

I also tried to Navajo-ply after
watching a little video on the Joy of Hand Spinning webpage. It kinda worked.
It was certainly fun. This is what turned

Tomorrow is my last night at
spinning class… how will i spin after that?? why with my new Lendrum
spinning wheel!

I got it yesterday at Carolina
. That is a really great place, and i am so happy that they
had this wheel in stock. It certainly has everything that a knitter and a
spinner could want. Gen, Cheryl and I went, and we each left with a
wheel and a ton of beautiful fibers. So far it works like a dream. I got the
jumbo-ply head, but i haven’t yet tried it.

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