Fiber Festival Fun

Just around the corner, on Saturday April 26th there is an exciting little fiber festival. Color Fiber Festival is taking place in Berkeley and will include fiber tastings (materials fee only) and free drop spindle classes. Several local indie dyers and crafters will be there including yours truly. I am looking forward to browsing some Pigeon Roof Studios fibers – can you imagine how nice it will be to see a bunch in one place?! I am particularly excited that A Verb for Keeping Warm and Tactile Fiber Arts will be there. They have the NICEST naturally dyed fibers. I’ve spun up all of my Yak and I need more!

You should definitely check out the session/class schedule – there will be fun things to do all day. I might sneak in there with a few weavette/weave-it demonstrations, and I’ll even let you give one of my looms a try!

If you have an hankering for anything in my shop, let me know and I will bring it and you can pick it up! You can even get recycled vinyl wallets from Abmatic as she’ll be representing with me.

Did I say how excited I am about this?? There is inside and outside space available so you can come and shop for fiber, hang out and spin, and even get lunch nearby! I hope I can sneak away to try out some fibers from Rare Wool Breeds.

So, will you be there?

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