The perfect project for the yarn

Larissa needed some volunteers to knit hats using her meathead pattern, and add a cute embellishment once complete. She suggested using Lamb’s Pride Bulky double stranded, so it is a quick knit. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was that she suggested using pink as one of the colors. The lamb’s pride that has been floating around in my stash is from my very first yarn dyeing attempt. I dyed it with kool-aid in shades of red and pink, and never really found the right project for it. i cast on, and before I knew it, i was done.

It was fun to watch the color change as I knit, and I kept wondering why i never thought of turning this bright yarn into a hat before. I have never knit on US 15 needles before; they are by far the biggest I have ever used. I rarely use bulky yarn, and I have never used it doubled. Everything about the hat just seemed so big. So i decided to make my embellishment a tiny hat. It is the opposite of the big hat in every way I could think of. It has no color, is fuzzy (knit in mohair), and was done in tiny needles. It has ribbing and decreases just like the big hat.

I had just enough yarn to keep me sweating that I might run out, but I made it. It fits my normal-sized head, but I don’t know how much i will wear it since I am not crazy about the point at the top.

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