Can I be emotionally abused by a yarn company?

I believe it was because of Tina over at Purls Gone Wild that I first heard of . It was love at first visit. I love the kettle-dyed colors (variegated yarn is my favorite), and the prices seemed pretty reasonable. i bought enough merino for a top-down raglan (which, by the way has 1.5 more arms on it than when that picture was taken) and fell in yarn-love with it. Then…. tragedy struck. Something about the brothers that run the place splittign it up into two companies, one that would cater to retail stores…. Malabrigio was born, and it got custody of all of the merino. I suspected as much, after seeing that beautiful merino for twice the price on the Webs page. Even though it has been a year since this happened, the page claims

We have run out of our Merino worsted weight. You can try at your preferred yarn store, we will make it available in our site as soon as we can.

No you aren’t. You aren’t trying at all! Don’t string people along like that!

What could I have done to prepare for this tragedy? All I can figure is that I should have stockpiled more yarn…

This incident has placed a little bit of fear into my brain every time i get yarn from the,. If i order something and i end up liking it (like the Ejido that i made a sweater out of) i immediately order some more – you know, because it might disappear.

I tried a little bit of their roving and then immediately ordered more for fear it would be discontinued.

Don’t get me wrong, all of their stuff is nice and I have never been disappointed – i just don’t like to shop in fear.

Here is where it gets sad. They have done it again. The superbulky has disappeared from their site. I first took notice of the yarn because Abby made such nice hats out of it… And Carmen took to it immediately – churning out a whole pyramid of hats.


(aren’t they cute? Let’s bother Abby until she puts that pattern up on the internet). And then they took it away. From a newbie knitter!! Since both Abby and Carmen have had a go at it, i guess i will tell you that the ebay identity “Sanfelipeysantiago” is in fact handpainted yarn, and they were recently dumping all the reat of the superbulky there. I like you guys (my ten loyal readers) but I couldn’t tell you sooner because i didn’t want you bidding against those gals.

So overall the lesson here is that though we love for their great yarn and reasonable prices, they totally have us by our balls (of yarn). we have to abandon yarn diets and budgets to get more than we need of something we like because it could go away at any time.

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