bad booties

I hope sarah doest mind that i am including her in this category, but it
needs to be done.

A few weeks ago, Sarah started knitting a pair of baby booties from the Knitting for baby book. Here she is then, happily working away

I also have been working on a pair of booties from the same book, but mine were the “stay on booties” and was very proud that i managed to finish them. During knitting circle i decided to start making another pair. I noticed right away that the yarn was not knitting up to the same gauge as my previous yarn, so i was going to have to not knit as many stitches. Both were 100% cotton baby yarn, and looked the same, but the “Cottontots” was much fatter. We noticed that was what sarah was using also, and might be the reason her bootie was looking a little on the big size.
Long story short: I left out too many stitches and my bootie came out too small – as in too small for a teddy bear. sarah’s bootie came out much too large – as in a slipper for a
Here is a picture of them with the correctly sized
booties and a dpn for scale.

We had
to come up with what to do with the booties that we had since neither of us
wanted to knit a mate for our horrible creations. Here are a few ideas for what
to do with the large one:

  • A slipper for a small child
  • Baby’s first christmas stocking
  • A bag to hold all of the other booties
  • a bag to hold knitting notions

My favorite idea is to use
the two of them together as matching purse + changepurse pair.

is a picture of the big one holding the normal sized booties and the little one
holding knitting notions


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