Sweater set clasp and stitch markers


This set of clasp markers is specially designed for sweater knitters.  The removable clasps can be used to mark the stitches for the different sections of the sweater: front, back, left  and right.  This can be very helpful when you are knitting a top down raglan but is useful for all types of sweater knitting.

If you need to keep track of raglan increases/decreases for top down and bottom up sweaters, or track your waist and neck shaping we have you covered there as well a full set of increase and decrease markers. Increases: 4 m1r and 4 m1l.  Decreases: 4 ssk and 4k2tog.

The set also includes a marker for the beginning of the round (BOR) and a decorative hexagon that you can use to mark your side “seam”.

In total there are 5 clasps and 18 stitch markers.

-Fluoro Yellow. Transparent fluorescent yellow acrylic with white letting
-Red.  Transparent red acrylic with white lettering
-Fluoro Pink. Transparent fluorescent pink acrylic with white lettering

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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .25 in

Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Yellow, Honey Yellow, Red


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