Right and Wrong Side Markers


Sometimes knitting patterns are complicated and disaster can lurk right around the corner. Textured stitch patterns can make it difficult to keep track of the right side and wrong side of your work. These little clasped markers can help you keep it straight!

This set is two markers one that says ‘WS’ for “wrong side” and one that says ‘RS’ for “right side.” Each is about 1/2 inch across and attached to a silver-plated clasp.

Details on available colors:
-Natural bamboo wood. May have slight variations in color and texture.
-Honey Yellow. Transparent yellow orange acrylic with white lettering
-Bright Yellow. Yellow opaque acrylic with black lettering
-Fluoro Yellow. Transparent fluorescent yellow acrylic with white letting
-Red.  Transparent red acrylic with white lettering
-Fluoro Pink. Transparent fluorescent pink acrylic with white lettering



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Additional information

Weight 0.25 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .25 in

Bright yellow, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Yellow, Honey Yellow, Red, Bamboo


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