Niddy Noddy and WPI gauge


This noddy noddy is used to wind your yarn into 1 yard skeins. It is made of two pieces of flat bamboo that can be separated and packed flat for easy transport and storage.

More than just a tool for winding yarn, this niddy noddy includes a notch that is one inch wide that can be used to determine the wraps per inch of your yarn. It also has a printed guide so you can identify the weight of the yarn.

New to using a niddy noddy? Designed with beginner in mind, each arm of the niddy noddy has a set of stars on it. Start with the end of your yarn in the notch on the arm with one star, and wrap around to the arm with two stars, three stars, and finally four stars. Continue winding until full, or you run out of yarn.

Each piece of the niddy noddy is approximately 9 inches tall. It is laser cut from bamboo and may display natural variations in color and texture. It ships packed in a cotton drawstring bag that you can use for storage and transport.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × .25 in


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