Bamboo ornaments to cross stitch


A perfect holiday decoration for the crafty – a bamboo ornament that you stitch yourself! Grab some embroidery floss and get stitching!

This listing includes 3 laser-cut bamboo ornaments each with a different hole pattern:
1) Standard grid – great for small pictures patterns. Pictured with white snowflakes on blue.
2) Bias grid – this is the standard grid rotated 45 degrees. It wants to be stripes! Pictured with red and white peppermint stripes.
3) Skinny Stripe – a thin line holes that shows off your stitches and the bamboo. Pictured with red and green alternating stitches.

Charts for all of the above patterns are included with purchase. Ornaments are about 1 inch across. Please note that you are purchasing ornament blanks, and not finished ornaments – thread is not included. Ornaments are made from natural, unfinished bamboo and may display natural variations in color and texture.

What is different about stitching on bamboo?
There is no flexibility in the material, so you must use a needle with a very thin eye. I recommend a Crewel #28 needle (see drop-down box to add one to your purchase). This also limits how much thread you can put in each hole. They will easily accommodate a standard cross stitch pattern in 2-strand embroidery floss, but additional outlines and decorative stitches may be difficult.

Since each hole has been burned out by a laser, there may be some residue in the holes that will darken your thread. I recommended using short lengths of thread so that you have a fresh piece before the old one gets dirty.

Ornaments are made from natural bamboo and may exhibit variations in color and texture.
Each ornament measures 1.25 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × .25 in


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