Acrylic Sample Labels


Acrylic sample labels provide a reusable, particulate-free solution to keeping samples and reagents readily identifiable in a clean lab setting. Labels measure 8.6×5.6×0.3 cm and come engraved with the fields “Reagent”, “initials”, and “Date”. Made to order and ready to ship in 2 weeks. Product customization is available upon request.

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Acrylic sample labels are a great addition to a chemistry lab where beaker contents and ownership need to be tracked at all times. Use these labels to let everyone know whose samples are drying down on the hotplate, or who has samples in the ultrasonic bath. The contents can be labelled at all times which keeps lab safety compliance officers happy.

Sample labels are made from acrylic glass (acrylic, PMMA, Perspex). This material is shatter resistant. Though acrylic is not resistant to direct contact with strong acids, it is more durable in an acid environment than traditional sample identifiers such as paper labels and stickers or sample tape.

Recommended Use and Reuse
The sample labels are able to receive ink from most kinds of permanent and semi-permanent markers. They have been extensively tested with Sharpie and Staedler Special Markers. The ink is easily removed with ethanol or isopropyl alchohol. The labels can also be washed in warm soapy water in between uses. Do not expose to acetone or strong acid or base solutions as these will degrade or dissolve the acrylic.

Additional colors of acrylic may be available upon request. Custom fields and additional engraving of logos or lab name are available for an additional fee – [ninja_forms_modal_form id=13 text_link=”please request a quote for your customizations”].

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