A girl, a plan, a thrift store

It is hard to find a good thrift store in my town, but I have one that I have made friends with. It is in a small room in the basement of a church, and is only open 2 afternoons a week. The old ladies that run it are very selective about which items they will put up for sale, and they have a very unique pricing structure. For example, they find doilies very valuable, so a doily might cost you a few dollars. however, that is the same price as a toaster oven. Interesting, huh? My favorite thing there is the 5 cent button basket.

Kate and I made lunch plans this week just so we could stop by the thrift store on the way back. and let me tell you, we cleaned out the the 25 cent craft drawer.

Thrift finds

Click through to flickr and mouseover to see notes about everything. I put those 25 cent needes right to work. more on that later…..

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