Ipods are nice

I like mine quite a bit, even if it is an old 3G. I just had to have mine replaced (under my applecare warranty) because the battery was caput and the hard drive made a whirring sound. This makes the third one I have had, and when i got the first one replaced i transferred my wheel and screenprotectors over to the noew one. This time it didn’t go as smoothly. the “genius” at the apple store decided to try and peel them off for me while i signed papers. i looked up and he was all picky-scratchy at it with his nubby little bitten-off fingernails. so the edges got all chewed up, and his fingerprints got everywhere. not wanting to hate this “genius” every time i looked at the smudgy screen, i decided to order a new screen protector. I was happy to discover that the weird little place where i ordered the first one was still in business, still had ones for 3G models, and was having a sale (until June 30). If you have an ipod, head over to IpoDonut and get you some.

New ipod and ipodonut

Updated to add an official review
The donut itself does an excellent job of covering the entire wheel and has a ton of glowing power. It is one of the better glow-in-the-dark stickers I have ever seen. The screen protector is durable, and not sticky around the edges. I can also verify that you can peel them off if you need to, and they don’t leave any residue behind.

more ipod and ipodonut

for $3.95 i got a glow in the dark wheel protector, a screen protector, and shipping from japan (the protectors for the newer models are on sale for $6.95). The best part was following their instructions to install it.

  • Please remove catching up and fingerprints from your ipod before installing iPoDonut. After that, pick up your iPoDonut like the picture under below. Peel the transparencie side film. (Do Not touch the adhesive side by your fingers.)
  • Put on your iPoDonut on your ipod wheel and adapt the location
  • Enjoy it!

and I am enjoying it!

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