One night of carding complete.

I think that everyone got a good start on developing their carding callouses last night. There was carding from about 6-11 pm. i think that the quality of the rolags may have peaked at about 9 p.m., but we will see how things go tonight.

Here is a list of resources that have videos about how to card wool: They have a some good video clips, but also describe how to card “effortlessly” which seems impossible to me. They have their own name for rolags: Ho-ho’s.

Joy of Handspinning
There are several videos on this site, and I swear I have watched them before, but for some reason they will not show up on my computer. I get audio only. Good luck.

Manitoba Museum I am not crazy about this ladies method, but
if she can get kids to do it, it should work for us, right?

We also have a homework assignment to be completed by next Tuesday. Everyone needs to know how to join knit pieces together, so B is going to show us how. Knit 2 swatches in worsted weight wool to be joined together. It is probably most useful to make them longer than they are wide. To practice using selvage stitches, always knit the first and last stitch, while working the rest of the swatch in stockinette stitch.

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