Bay Area Fiber Fair

A summer festival celebrating fiber and diversity

Over 20 fiber related businesses from around the San Francisco Bay Area have teamed up to make a virtual fiber festival for you to enjoy from your home! A few of the ways you can participate in virtual events are by  completing projects, casting on using Bay Area local fibers and designs, and trying new techniques. Follow along and enter prize competitions by posting your completed challenges online.  See a list of all the participating retailers and read more about contests and promos at the official website.  

Extra Special Treats from Girl on the Rocks

Every fair participant that shops at Girl on the Rocks will receive a custom sticker to add to their Exhibition Hall coloring pages.  As soon as they are ready*,  mailing list subscribers will get a REAL WOODEN laser engraved sticker to add to your collection on the exhibition hall coloring pages, or permanently place wherever you would like!  Subscribers will also get an exclusive discount code to use until the event ends on October 15th.

*wooden stickers are backordered until August 4th and will ship separately from the rest of your order (free!).


Girl onthe rocks wood grain ribbon

Ribbon art by Shelli Can

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  1. Julia L. Scott

    What a nifty idea. I love fairs.


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