Felt Club Holiday 2008 – this weekend!

Well, I am hitting the road. A minivan filled with my friends, my moustaches and my fiber will be headed down to So-Cal for the Felt Club Holiday 2008 Event on Sunday Nov 16th. I am still wondering how I will fill a 10′ x 10′ space without Abby’s bags and wallets. Also I wish I had a classier way than a wooden drying rack to display my roving… I doubt I will pull anything together in the next few days..

I didn’t remember seeing any fiber or much yarn when I was a shopper at last year’s event, so I teamed up with a couple of other felt club fiber vendors to try and encourage lovers of the fiber arts to stop by the event.

Felt Club Coupon

Traveling Rhinos, Beemiceelf, and myself will give you 10% off a $25 or more purchase at each of our booths. Hopefully this will help to offset the $5 entry fee…

And of course all of my moustache and woven items qualify for a discount too. If you see anything you might want me to bring, let me know!

Hope to see you there!

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