Happy Election Day Celebration Sale

I am a permanent ballot-by-mail voter in California. I was able to lounge around my apartment and vote at my leisure…. But I paid a price – no sticker. Apparently many other mail-in voters drop their ballots off at their polling place on election day, and get a sticker. I didn’t think of that…. I took matters into my own hands and with help of Whirlwend who posted a graphic, I made my own! In badge form, nonetheless.

Several twitter crafters report using whirlweds graphic, label paper and packing tape to make shiny replicas for themselves.

In my area, I spied at least two different types of stickers:

Amanda directed me to a picture of Ohio’s sticker:

What does your sticker look like? Snap a picture and send us a link!

I hope you were able to get out and vote today. To celebrate Election Day, I am offering free US shipping in my etsy shop. Just leave a note that says “I Voted” and I will refund your shipping.

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