Sock yarn Beer Cozy

A long time ago a bunch of knitters had a dream… They wanted to have a book published that was full of their knitting patterns. Not just any patterns, mind you, but lovingly designed beer cozies. The proceeds (if any) would go into a fund to supply beverages to thirsty knitters at their weekly knitting night. Each design reflected the preferences of the designer. Not just in stitch patterns and yarn, but also in beer: 40 oz., tall boy, bottle or can. Alas, the book has not come to be as the “market is saturated” with kitschy knitting books. And though they continued to make new cozies, the designers mostly forgot about it. Or did they….

With the advent of Ravelry, and its awesome pattern delivery service the dream can become a reality. Now I know that you are itching to get your hands on some more beer cozy patterns so I have excerpted a pattern available for free. the pattenr is hosted on Ravelry, but I think everyone should be able to download it Behold! The Sock Yarn Beer Cozy!

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