Toot toot!

That’s the sound of me tooting my own horn! My kitchener stitch markers were featured this month in Knitty’s ‘”Cool Stuff” (scroll down to the very bottom and don’t click the picture). It is always nice to know that someone likes your stuff.

And I am not the only one selling stuff….

Abmatic opened up an etsy shop where she is selling the famous tweed chicken and highly acclaimed recycled vinyl wallets. For the wallets she uses repurposed vinyl banners and tyvek mail envelopes for her materials. They are slim, durable, and recycled. She’s sold several to friends and they COME BACK for more!! You should check out her shop. If you want to get something from her shop, and mine we will combine shipping (just let us know in the ‘notes to the seller’ section). So start shopping!

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