Your days are numbered, ripple afghan

Lately, I have had visions of ripping this out.

It is sized to become a queens sized afghan, so it is several feet wide. There is a lot of crochet going on there. I an unhappy with how strictly I striped the colors. Each color row is actually two rows and I feel like I have to keep doing that over and over. Oh, and I hate the pattern. Working one direction is fun, but working back the other direction is boring (sc) and doesn’t make much progress. Oh, and I kinda think I am doing it wrong.

I originally chose this particular ripple pattern (from 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns[Ravlink]) because i liked the rounded ripples, and i had this crazy idea that afghans HAD to have little holes in them. So you could stick your fingers through them, or peek out when you are all wrapped up in it. Then I realized this is not a lap afghan, it s a bedspread. And I realize that crocheting something the size of my bed is crazy (jobs like that are for sewing) and maybe I should downsize to a practical sized afghan.

Since I have tons of the yarn (Cascade 220 superwash wool from webs) I think I am going to start a simultaneous afghan in a pattern akin to the ever-popular soft waves ripple pattern [Ravlink], it will be still for my bed, but I might decide to downsize it so that it may someday be complete.

The original rippled afghan will survive another day.

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