Well hello there

Hard to believe that I haven’t had anything to say in such a long time, huh? Well, I was busy with a visit from my hometown friends!

We went to Alcatraz

Don’t let this photo fool you – I really like it there

Did you know that some of the prisoners crocheted? Something tells me they weren’t really using pink yarn…

We tasted wine

Ancient vines at Valley of the Moon Winery

And we went to Daiso AND Japantown – see why we get along? I had to make a pit stop and by the time I made it into Kinokuniya, Amanda had already found the craft books. The next two hours are a blur. Despite the complete variety of books, I inadvertently chose only crochet books:

Motif crochet winter accessories

Tiny crochet accessories

Magic Scrubbers Part 8

Title translations are from some helpful Ravelers. The books have served as the focus of my crafting since I got them. Stay tuned for finished projects!

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