I never thought I would say it

I think i like stamps.

I have never really had much interest in stamps. Then I realized that they are an excellent vehicle for the proliferation of moustaches, and I started thinking about them a little more. I think they are also very well suited for creating my etsy packaging. i can just use a stamp to customize any re-purposed envelope or turn any scrap of paper into a tag. It’s cheaper and more flexible than color printing, and you are only limited by the colors of your stamp pads.

I haven’t liked most of the stamps I have seen in the store, which kind of turned me off to them all together, but then I started seeing hand carved stamps popping up here and there…

Inspired mainly by the uncontrollable cuteness of the hand carved stamps over at Mushroom Meadows (specifically this post) and at Little Thing, and by Jezze’s awesome lino prints I decided I had to try and make one of my own. I snagged some lino carving tools and a mini cutting mat at Daiso the first time I was there, and I picked up some Soft Kut from the Art store on my corner.

I had so much fun and it turned out so well that I have been making one stamp each night before bed. And each night I declare that the one I just made is the cutest thing I have ever seen, and is my new favorite.

Tonight I just finished a piece of Bamboo, which completes my “Fiber Content” set. I wanted something to represent a sheep (wool) a soybean (soysilk) and bamboo for labeling my roving.

I think it is going to work!


There are a few more pics in my Flickr set. References follow:

Two tutorials that I found by searching on the Craft: blog Mindful Craftiness and Alma Stoller

Plenty of supplies can be found at Dick Blick if you have one nearby. Many people also use little erasers instead of hunting for carving medium. I got mine from Artist and Craftsman’s Supply since I can walk to it. If you want to order online, Stampeaz looks like they have everything.

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