Socktober shame, October pride


Well, Socktober came and went, and I barely did a thing about it. Not too cool for a knit-blogger… I wanted to finish my Cupcake socks not only for Socktober, but also to be eligible for a prize in the Ravelry Sock Knitter’s Anonymous group. But alas. Not finished.

In the wake of Socktober, I will point out two sock-related blog posts that caught my eye:


The thing that sucked up all of my crafty-time in October was the Halloween costume for my Blythe doll. It got a pretty good reception at the Blythe Meet that I went to, but I was a little shocked that it got picked up by both the Craft blog, and Boing Boing. yeah Boing Boing. wow. And they classified it as ‘Art.’ Though I thought my friends were web-nerds, B was the only one that I think even really knew about boing boing. Make sure to scroll down and check out the comments there – I actually really enjoyed some negative feedback, but that may be because I like to cause trouble….

And as if that amount of web traffic wasn’t enough to make me happy, Not Martha posted a link to my monster finger chapstick holder pattern.

Thanks for the love Internets! It makes me feel better about being a Socktober slacker.

On a final note, I will generously point out that you can now advertise on Ravelry for a tiny sum. And I think it pays off… Indie shop owners, make sure you check it out.

Ravelry-induced weekend orders

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