Make a junky wish

Tomorrow is the annual El Cerrito city wide garage sale. The city publishes maps with marked locations of the homes having sales, and you can download it ahead of time to plan a shoping strategy. I have been several times, and I usually go hoping to find something in particular. One year it was a hot air popper, one year french onion soup bowls, a crock pot (I wrote about my loot from last year here)…. The thing is, the sale never disappoints. My friends found the ceramic pirate ship, matching tennis rackets, and giant ridiculous painting that were on their list last year. All of my junky wishes have come true, and everything is at a price I like.

I can’t figure out what to wish for…. A nice pair of Danskos. A Crock pot for dyeing roving… I think I will wish for a jar of buttons. Sounds do-able. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

If you are in the east bay tomorrow and want to check out the sale, I recommend heading up to the recycling center on Schmidt or the community center on Moeser to pick up a map to get you started. What is your junky wish?

Edit: As I am getting ready this morning, I remembered that I really want a guillotine-style paper cutter. I think that might be pushing it….

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