knitting report

writing my thesis is taking away most of the words that I have to use in a day, so you will have to suffer throught a bulleted (and photographed) list of projects that I am working on right now.

  • Toe-up self striping socks

    I added a little twisted stitch accent on the sides. Yarn is sport weight from Lovesticks

  • Charity Miter

    My first non-garter stitch mitered square. For a charity blanket to be assembled by Moirae. Knit in Cascade 220.

  • Cotton washcloths

    I have a few of these that my Mom bought in Amish country, and they are starting to fall apart. So I went to work on using up some partial balls of cotton. Fun!

Also, the new knitty is out. My faves? Neiman, Diamond Waffle (Props to you designer Danny for including 3 sizes in the pattern), and of course the Woodins.

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