A shout out to our crafty sisters of the past

Okay. I know that everything crafty has probably been done some time in the past, but I have uncovered something that I am pretty confident won’t be making a comeback any time soon. I recently rescued a copy of “Weave-it Weave In” from ebay.

How could I resist a cover like that?? This book is full of patterns championing the idea that your clothes can actually be squares or rectangles. most are weave-it squares that are crocheted together and lack any general shaping. I have no plans to make anything like any of these, but I can’t stop looking at the pictures.

If you need a comfortable outfit to lounge around in (barefoot) while weaving you could make one of these:

This one is called “Hostess Robe”.

Or you could make a matching hat and overalls set for yourself, and a tank top with fringe and a matching skirt for your friend.

Amazing, huh?

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