It only takes 5 minutes

To conclude the Week of Weaving series, I will show you how to weave on a weave-it or weavette hand loom. If you are still tuned in here in the third week of the week of weaving, I am guessing that you already know how to use a hand loom, but just in case you don’t, I made a flickr set to show you how. If you are already a master, skip to the end…

In addition to the series of photos, I took a video of myself weaving a 2 inch square. It is not the greatest quality, but you can definitely see what is going on. This is how I found out that it takes me 5 minutes to weave a square, and my camera can only records 4 minutes and 45 seconds of video. So you don’t get to see me tie off the end, or triumphantly remove it from the loom.

Weaving Masters
If you have already mastered the basic woven square, and you want to try something more advanced, how about weaving some twill? One of my weave-its came with instructions titled “Diagonal Weave.” It uses entirely different set-up rows than the standard square and makes a dramatic result.

Luckily, Abby has provided awesome instructions and pictures of how to do this.

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