Woven animals

A continuation of The week of weaving series…*
It is fairly easy to construct square and rectangle shapes out of the tiny squares and rectangles that you produce on a hand held loom. But what about other shapes? With a little creativity and a little fiberfill stuffing, you can make tiny adorable animals.

I spied some adorable softies on the eloomanator blog. A square folded into a triangle and decorated with a ribbon makes little sheep heads! It wouldn’t be hard to convinve me that you can make these look like little teddy bears, too.
But closer to home and closer to my heart is an idea brought to life by my friend Abbby. How adorable is this little fella

Photo by abmatic
Head over to Abby’s blog to get a better look at the little chicken that she created. She used a weave-it square woven in a twill pattern and a little bit of crochet to make an adorable Tweed Chicken.

*It seems that it is taking me more than a week to write up all of the weaving ideas I have, but don’t fret, more are on the way. We can just say that I was giving you enough time for your ebay auctions to end :)
What posts do you have to look forward to? Well, weaving with garbage and another cute easy project designed by me are coming up. Would anyone be interested in a few step-by-step weaving pictures to see how the little buggers work? Leave me a comment if you are intersted and I can post that too. Have a project that you want to share? Leave a comment, or email me!

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