People pay good money for this

Not too much craftiness to report… I had some fun this weekend hanging out with kitties and spinning at Abby’s parent’s house.

I can’t believe I didn’t steal one. What I am I up to now? Did I mention that I ate some mangoes this weekend? And then when i got home I ate another… Apparently I am more allergic to mangoes than previously thought. I mean, I know they are in the poison oak family, and I know they usually make my lips and palette itch. Yesterday I woke up and my lips itched (not that unusual since I am allergic to everything). I noticed that it seemed like I had a cold sore, and my lips were a little splitty and weepy (gross). Then I walked by the mirror and saw that my face was twice it’s normal size. I must have looked hideous because I didn’t even have to do any convincing to get a shot at the student health center. Today, I’m mostly recovered. All I have is hives and this giant set of lips

That’s me. My lips aren’t usually that huge. Check here for comparison if you don’t know what I usually look like.

Why didn’t this happen to me on Sunday morning since I had a mango on Saturday as well? Well, I did have a little bit of irritation in the corner of my mouth that I thought might be a cold sore. The internets seem to think that rinsing your mouth out after eating a mango helps minimize the reaction, so I will credit the Bourbon slushies and the wine for preventing me from blowing up like a balloon. And the internets also seem to think that some mangoes are worse than others.

i think I might have to add mangoes to the list of things to permanently avoid. It’ll be right up there under peanuts. Are you allergic to anything?

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