Barely spoiler free

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while… hope you weren’t worried about me after the earthquake we had a few weeks ago…. I survived! It was the biggest one we’ve had since I have lived here, and it was a real shaker. The biggest avalanche I found was my desk at school.

While I was neglecting this blog, I got a mention on Apartment Therapy for my recipe cards – shout out to Apartment Therapy! Thanks! Speaking of recipe cards I got a few recipes as thanks via email today. Thanks Vicki! Oh! And one more LOOONG overdue shoutout to Joan over at AnthropoMorphCo… When I was frustrated at the lack of cute recipe cards, I mentioned to her that her veggies would be perfect for recipe cards. So she made some! And they are sweet!

You can pick some up in her etsy shop.

Let’s see what else have I been up to… well, I followed this advice(scroll down) to prepare myself for the release of the new Harry Potter book. I’m mostly muggle and have only read one book (desperately bored at my parents house one Christmas). I recently saw the new movie (in which Harry is an intolerable Skywalker-ish whiny teen. Enough with the orphan drama). But after brushing up on the ol’ Potter storyline I knew what to do when I ran across a copy of the book. I picked it up and read the last two chapters. HA!! Now I am a big spoiler waiting to happen.

Finally, when i would have normally been posting here, I was playing with colors over at COLOURLovers. Ever since I went King Salmon fishing, I have had some colors stuck in my head. This was a much easier way to get them out than trying to dye yarn or roving :) See how this

made me think of this

Alaskan King Salmon. Of you go play over there, i am ‘girlontherocks’ so send some votes my way….

Oh! I just remembered that I haven’t entered anything for Whiplash this month… I think I can sneak in just under the wire. Off to craft!

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