Thank you Internets!

Working at home sure has its advantages… You can compose a blog post on your lunch hour, and you can enjoy whip up delicious treats at a moments notice.

I added some fruit to a glass of Odwalla Limeade, and I am ready to face the afternoon.

I am a litle remiss is in thanking the internet for the goodies it provided me as of late… For simply entering her blog contest liquidgirl sent me a consolation prize

Adorable stitch markers. Thanks! Stop by and check out her self-designed row counters. Now I finally understand how those things work.

A shout out to Liz the genius behind Hobbledehoy Handspun. I won her blog contest and she sent me a beautiful skein of handspun.

Stop by her shop and even if you don’t want to buy anything, you can get inspired – her handspun is beautiful!

I think I still have one overdue thank you which I am mentioning in case that someone is reading. Don’t worry, that random gift will warrant a post all it’s own… (cryptic, huh?).

And I finally a note to add that I cannot believe how shitty it is that my blog is rated G. G!! Can you believe that?? Apparently they can’t appreciate the Juicifixion post, because that is not for children. Clearly assholes designed the rating system. Hopefully this paragraph will at least get me up to PG. We’ll see (Thanks JenLa!).

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