I knit a little sweater

I bought a blythe doll a while ago, and have been dying to make some clothes for her. This weekend i whipped up a little sweater for her. It was quick and loads of fun. I knit it in the round out of some Lisa Souza sock yarn (Heels and Toes from Stitches West) then steeked it open and added trim (Sirdar snowflake – the tangliest yarn in the universe). the end result is like a jacket with furry trim.

Doesn’t the photo look really artsy? That’s because I used my new $4 Kodak Duaflex II to take the picture. The technique is called “Through the Viewfinder” and you use a modern camera to take a picture of the image in the large viewfinder of the old Duaflex or similar cameras. I first noticed this technique through the Make blog, or Flickr, i can’t remember which. I’ve had my eye out for a suitable camera ever since, and I found one for only $4 this weekend. I just used a cardboard poster tube to support my old digital camera. No taping yet, but it would be nice to get rid of the light leaks.

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