Etsy shopping – Gifts for knitters/spinners

Sometimes the things that I find on etsy are so good I have to share. Most of the goodies in this post will appeal to knitters or spinners, but I have another gift idea post in mind and it will be coming soon.

The softest fiber ever
Okay, maybe it is not the softest alpaca ever, but it sure is nice. A whole hunk of soft grey alpaca from North Star Alpacas.

One of my favorite things about this fiber is that I get to know exactly who it came from.. Oh, not just the seller, the actual animal. Thanks Chewbaca!

The best stitch markers for tiny needles
I was admiring the complete adorableness of Jeremy’s Monkey post when a little set of stitch markers caught my eye. So tiny, so simple, so cute. So I ran over to Hide and Sheep and hooked myself up with some. Here they are on US #1 DPN’s.

See how they are totally not in the way? And they are virtually snag-proof. Genius. They are available for a pretty large range of needle sizes, and arrived packaged in a handy little tin.

Oh and they are such a deal. RUN over there and get some.

The gift set that no sock knitter can live without
In an act of shameless self-promotion (hey, it is my webpage) I bring you the Sock Knitter’s Gift set. It is one of my Sock Knitter’s needle cases (Where DPN’s, and circular needles live in perfect harmony) paired with a set of Kitchener Stich Markers for a wicked good price.

You can have your choice of needle case. Speaking of my shop… I am having a SALE!! Free US shipping, and 10% off of everything until Midnight Pacific Tuesday July 10. I am too lazy to re-price everything, so you will need to wait for an invoice before sending your payment.

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