I am back from vacation. More on that later. Today’s order of business is announcing the contest winners! I printed out everyone’s name and did a very random drawing

There were so many entrants that I decided to also draw a second prize winner.


!! Her comment was even about carders. Perfect!

And the lucky second place winner is

Debbi! I was thinking Debbi might enjoy a skein of handspun

Color totally misrepresented in this photo. It is shades of red, pink and white.

(Here’s the proof of the winners. I went a little overboard with the cameraphone.)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s comments (sorry if I didn’t reply to all of them!). Some tools that I love to use that were mentioned were post-it notes and sheet protectors. And the dental floss suggestion… cassandra is genius! It seems like many knitters would be a total loss without their swifts and ball winders. Speaking of ball winders…. look what I found at Value Village:

That’s right baby. $2.50. Hells yeah I bought it! It is a Toyota. As much as I love thrift stores, I thought finds like this were just a myth (along with finding Le Creuset at goodwill). But now, I am living the dream. Colleen is right – Thrift stores are an awesome resource for knitters and crafters alike.

Thanks for all of the helpful carder info. I have been pretty lucky with the Kitchener stitch markers over at the Loopy Ewe (currently sold out!), so I might have one before you know it. I wonder what Sheri would think if I named it Loopy?

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