Knit in Public

Saturday June 9th is World-wide knit in public day. I knit in public at least once a week, but I am still excited to join the crew assembled by Kimchi in Berkeley. The Berkeley Knit-out is happening on the west lawn of the UC Campus (see a freaky-good pic of the lawn from Google’s new street view – and you can still zoom in more), just a few blocks from my house, so I will be sure to stop by.

How freaky is that picture? Seriously. Wow google, you have outdone yourself. For example, here is my neighbor working on his motorcycle. Here is my little car on the street. The resolution on the Bay Area street pictures is much better than the New York ones. i am totally fascinated by this and keep looking around zooming in to see if I can recognize anyone. I am weird.

Don’t forget about the contest… Leave me a comment telling me your opinion on drum carders OR your favorite knitting/crafting tool/material and you could win a prize. I am truly enjoying reading all of the comments and discovering new webpages!

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