Sock Needle Case

A few years ago I made a lot of knitting needle cases. Downsizing apartments makes dealing with more than about a half of a yard of fabric at a time difficult, so I quit sewing as often. I do however, have just enough room to make one of my favorites – Sock Knitters Knitting Needle Cases.

I designed the cases to hold skinny crochet hooks (for provisional cast-ons and dropped stitches), double pointed needles and circular needles. You can even toss in a tape measure, stitch markers and a little ball of scrap yarn for casting on. They are small enough that you can take the whole case with you and your portable sock project.

See the notes in this photo for details on where to keep everything…

I listed a few in my shop, along with some newly dyed merino rovings.

Okay, I am of to scrounge for contest prizes… I am trying to think up something good….

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