Excuse me if this post if a bit fragmented and nonsensical, but it is almost 8 p.m. as I write this and it is 85.8F in my apartment. hot. People, that is HOT! This is one of those days that make you realize that there are randomly hot or cold days everywhere, and even the famous SF fog can’t save you from a scorcher now and then. Those that know me are aware that I operate in a narrow temperature range – approximately 75F to 50F. I like to think that I can tolerate low temperatures, so I might extend the low end of this estimate, but my friends might disagree. I’m sure I complain when I’m cold, but really its not as bad as the heat. When it’s cold I can hide under a comforter, or wear a ridiculously warm sweater, or two pair of socks. When it is hot, or I am in the sun, my brain hurts. Hurts in an awful way.

Today the only thing Carmen I could do at 5 p.m. to get a respite from the heat was to drink Mint Juleps. I made them in a Mason Jar and felt totally like a Hazzard county Duke while doing so (a feeling which I am always trying to capture). Free mint from the shady courtyard outside my apartment – hooray!

So even though as I write this it has cooled of to 85.5F in my apartment I am going to do some knitting. If it were a weekend I might have attempted some more solar dyeing (it is all my crappy car is good for, really). But instead I am going to pick up some wool and enjoy it. And I am going to have visions of Sweet Georgia dancing in my head – I won some from Moraie. At this point, doesn’t giving away Sweet Georgia qualify you for knitting sainthood? Check out her purse – I love it.

gratuitous photo of Noro that I bought during the ‘Knit Happens’ sale.

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