Earth Day Daisy

I thought it appropriate to post this project today. Though it is not fully recycled it still has a bit of re-purposing, so that is good for earth day, right? Without further adieu, let me introduce to my little earth day Daisy.

She is quiet (I am too lazy to add a mouth) and she likes to spend her time hanging out on my knitting bag.

Though she is freshly crocheted on the outside, her insides started out as something else…

A failed attempt at a 1 1/4 inch pinback button. my button maker doesn’t mess up too often (when it does it is usually my fault) but I have many off-center or screwed up buttons that I don’t want to throw away. Turning them into sweet little flowers is so much better than throwing them in the trash. So I thought I would tell you how to make them too. but before I do, this pattern is inspired largely by:

Jezze – She is highlyskilled at making delicate adornments from pins (go buy some from her shop, they are worth it).
Crochet me – button cover instructions
– finally, the Sampler. Why the sampler? After just a few subscriptions to the sampler I have ended up with many pins that I don’t want to wear, and don’t want to throw away.

Okay, now I can continue. There are a few pictures here in this post, but there are more in my Flickr set.
You will need:

  • A few yards of worsted weight yarn, two colors (I used scrap acrylic)
  • a 1 1/4 inch pinback button (badge)
  • crochet hook appropriate for the yarn. I used G. Keep in mind that the stitches should be tight
  • eyes (optional)**
  • craft glue (optional)

The center:
Round 1: Sc 6 using the magic loop method. Slip the first stitch to form a circle. Pull the magic loop tight.
Round 2: Sc 2 into each sc from round 1. Repeat all the way around. (Note: I only go through half of the stitch because I like the spiral pattern that it creates).
Round 3: *Sc 2 sc 2 sc 1* all the way around.

At this point my circle was just slightly bigger than my button, so I stopped. You might want to add one more round if yours doesn’t look bigger than the button.
OPTIONAL Round 4: *sc2 sc1* all the way around.

Now, to get the crochet to stay on the pin, we will decrease so it pulls tight around the pin.
Decrease round: *Sc two together* all the way around. It should look something like this

You are done with the center color. Fasten it securely and cut it leaving a long tail.

At this point, you button might still slip out of its newly made cover. This is okay. We will tighten it up later. You can take this time to add eyes easily, or make trouble for yourself by doing it later (which is what I do). Did you see that?


Just thought I would give you fair warning since I always miss important little instructions like that.

The Petals:
The petals are attached by crocheting a chain around the center that is secured at several points. Each petal is then worked in the gap between the chain and the center.

Attaching the chain:

Attach the new color by slipping it together with one of the decrease stitches.
Chain 3 and then slip one together with another of the decrease stitches, pulling the chain taut.

You need to keep the chain as close to the center as possible, otherwise you will end up with a gap between your petals and the center. Now is the time to evaluate how many of these segments you think will go all the way around the center, as this determines the number of petals your flower will have. Too many? Then chain an extra stitch before attaching it to the decrease stitches.
Continue all the way around.

Now your chain is set up and you can make the petals.
Into each space between the chain and the center: sc1, dc2, tr1, dc2, sc1.

Repeat for each space.

Almost Done… Did you add eyes yet? this is your last chance. Add eyes if you haven’t done so already.
Weave in the ends EXCEPT for the long end you left on the center color.
now we will take the final steps to secure the flower to the pin. I chose to go au naturale and secure mine without the aid of glue. But a dollop of craft glue on the front of the pin would help keep the flower in place, and also help secure the ends. so go for it if you want. Make sure that before the glue is dry you rotate the button so the actual pin is horizontal.

As the last step, we will take the long end and use it to cinch up the back of the flower, pulling it snugly against the pin. Thread the long end on a tapestry needle and run it behind three opposing decrease stitches. make sure not to obscure the pin. pull tight and secure. Viola! Done!

**Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make your own eyes.

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