Where’d you get that?

I sometimes have a tendency to be a bit selfish. Sometimes I find something wonderful online, and I don’t tell you because I don’t want to share. I am trying to get better about that, because let’s face it, behavior like that is just plain mean. Since I shop on etsy a lot, I have been meaning to give you some etsy shop recommendations, and I am finally getting around to it. (so is aija if you can’t get enough).

I don’t wear necklaces too often, usually because the clasp on the back rats my hair. Now, when I am feeling fancy I have a selection of lovely glass pendants, all from etsy. I discovered that I really like small, squarish pendants made with just a few colors. Here is most of my collection

The top left is one of my favorites. It is from swivelglass and has the most unique addition…. The flower shape you see is a small copper flower in the glass. It has a nice iridescence yet still kinda matches the pink part of the glass. I finally got around to buying the other pendant at Swivelglass that I had my eye on, which is why I finally finished this post.

In the top right is a pendant from iFuse Solutions. It is pretty obvious why I like this one so much (look around at my color scheme). this is the necklace that I used to tie myself visually to my adult science fair presentation.

Both of the pendants on the bottom are from Pollyfusia. I am so happy to be a repeat customer there. The service is excellent, and the pendant is shipped in a lovely metal tin (bonus!). I have always been sad that he/she has not made anymore red and turquoise pendants because the ones listed in the ‘sold items’ are stunning. Looks like something happens right on the edge where the turquoise reacts with the red and it is just gorgeous.

I know I don’t need any more pendants, but I might not be able to stop. Have you purchased any pendants lie these on etsy? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

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